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The Underwater World of Monterey Bay -Softcover

Author: Lovell Langstroth, Libby Langstroth

Monterey Bay, on the central California coast, is unique in its spectacular underwater immensity. Here species found far to the north and south overlap in their respective ranges, offering a floral and faunal diversity without parallel in the North Pacific. With more than 200 magnificent color photographs and an informed, accessible text, this book provides a dazzling picture of the rich underwater world of Monterey Bay.

A Living Bay describes the complex biological interactions among many of the marine plants and animals of Monterey Bay, including its seaweeds, seagrasses, invertebrates, marine mammals, fish, and birds. We learn how these organisms reproduce, prey, and defend themselves. The introduction presents basic biological concepts, while successive chapters tour the various habitats of the bay. From its beaches to the bottom of its submarine canyon—even deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona—the tiniest details come to life in the stunning photographs and explanatory text.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 392 pages
Title: A Living Bay
Author: Lovell Langstroth, Libby Langstroth
Publisher: University of California Press
Date: 2000
Language: English

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