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Author: Amy-Jane Beer, Derek Hall

This stunning reference guide begins with concise coverage of the major marine groups and how they are equipped to survive and breed within their habitat, with analysis of the special anatomy that aids respiration, reproduction, feeding, motion and buoyancy. An illustrated explanation of taxonomy will help the reader to understand the basic laws that set some creatures apart and unite others.

The fascinating world of bony and cartilaginous fish is explored in detail, with discussion of social behaviour and reproduction, and the extraordinary interdependent relationships that exist between parasitic and predatory species. Full-colour artworks of the major types of habitat, including seashores, shallow seas, coral reefs, estuaries, open oceans and deep seas, plus sections on sea-watching demonstrate the huge diversity of species that can be observed around the world, both on the shoreline and at sea.

A directory section of 150 of the most intriguing marine species is illustrated by stunning colour artworks, revealing the complex relationships and systems at work in marine habitats. Read about the reefs that teem with colourful life, the communities that exist at the edge of the continental shelf, the formidable creatures that hunt in remote waters or lurk within the darkest depths of the ocean.

Each profile contains a quick-reference panel that features a distribution map, plus concise information on habitat type, size, breeding, food, and, where applicable, status within the ever-growing community of threatened species.

With over 250 colour photographs and illustrations throughout the book, plus information-packed text and surprising facts, this is the ultimate guide to understanding the biology and behaviour of marine life around the globe.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 96 pages
Title: The Natural History of Marine Fish & Sea Creatures
Author: Amy-Jane Beer, Derek Hall
Publisher: Southwater
Date: 2009
ISBN: 1844767086
Language: English

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