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Author: Daniel Gilpin

A visual guide to aquatic life featuring 450 species: features 500 detailed illustrations, photographs and maps.

This beautifully illustrated encyclopedic directory contains detailed facts about many of the wonderful and varied fish, reptiles and amphibians that dwell in the world's freshwater habitats. The book contains fully illustrated continental directories on key freshwater families, including turtles, newts and crocodiles.

More than 450 of the creatures that inhabit rivers, streams, swamps and lakes are profiled in detailed entries. Creatures are grouped with close relatives, to enable the reader to compare or distinguish between similar-looking species. Learn fascinating facts about morphology and behaviour: the brilliant flashes of colour borne by breeding males; the nests, known as 'redds', created by the tails of breeding trout; or the fleshy tentacles that assist the foraging of benthic catfish and barbells.

The majority of profiled species are presented with superb, detailed colour illustrations, and there are maps and quick-reference data panels to pinpoint distribution, habitat, food, size and breeding habits.

With over 500 glorious images to aid identification, this information-packed directory is likely to appeal to anglers and aquarium enthusiasts as well as to the general reader.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 160 pages
Title: The Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Fish & River Creatures
Author: Daniel Gilpin
Publisher: Southwater
Date: 2011
ISBN: 1844767914
Language: English

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